The IEEE Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Society promotes the theory, practice, and interdisciplinary aspects of systems science and engineering, human-machine systems, and cybernetics.

It publishes papers in these areas:

  • Systems engineering including efforts that involve issue formulation, issue analysis and modeling, and decision making and issue interpretation at any of the lifecycle phases associated with the definition, development, and implementation of large systems. It also include efforts that relate to systems management, systems engineering processes and a variety of systems engineering methods such as optimization, decision making, modeling and simulation.
  • Human system and human organizational interactions, cognitive ergonomics, system test and evaluation, and human information processing and decision concerns in¬†pokiesau¬†systems and organizations.
  • Cybernetics including communication and control across humans, machines and organizations at the structural or neural level, as well as at functional and purposeful levels; design and development of biologically and linguistically motivated computational paradigms emphasizing vision, neural networks, genetic algorithms, fuzzy systems, automated planning, computational intelligence, and robotics.
  • Applications of these concepts, in terms of hardware and software, to the design, quality assurance, risk assessment and management, development, implementation, systems management, quality assessment and management, and reengineering and systems integration of realistic systems in any of several contemporary application areas

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IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics