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Julian Francis Miller

Julian Miller described himself as “the inventor of CGP (Cartesian Genetic Programming) and a pioneer in trying to get materials to solve computational problems (evolution in materio). Julian was highly regarded in the Evolutionary Computation research community and was a source of inspiration for many.  His passion for research and his vision as a deep thinker on fundamental questions of evolution are well documented in his many contributions to the field. The SPECIES society recognizes him by awarding an annual prize in his honor, the Julian Francis Miller Award.

The Award

The Julian Francis Miller Award is given for important contributions to the algorithmic exploration and embodiment of evolution, development and/or learning.

It is awarded every year to normally one individual, who will receive a prize of 3,000 Euro and a plaque from SPECIES. In exceptional cases the award can be given to more than one individual in which case the prize money is shared by the winners. The award is delivered at the annual EvoStar conference.

Previous winners

Susan Stepney (2023)

Dario Floreano and Hod Lipson (2024)


Any member of the scientific community may nominate a colleague to this award.

Nominations will be made via a web form and must include the name of the nominator, the name of the nominee, a maximum 200 words justification for nomination, and one sentence summary appropriate for dissemination to the general public. One may nominate a candidate in this form.


Members of the SPECIES Executive Board and the JFM award selection committee cannot be nominated to this award. Self-nominations are not allowed.


The selection of the yearly awardee(s) is made by the JFM Award Selection Committee, consisting of 5 members appointed from the group of EvoStar Outstanding Contribution in Evolutionary Computation in Europe Award winners by the SPECIES Executive Board. Members serve for staggered terms, with one member replaced annually starting in 2025. SPECIES Executive Board members may not serve on the award selection committee.

Each year, the JFM Award Selection Committee will provide a short list of up to three candidates to the SPECIES Executive Board, who will select one nominee to receive the award. The SPECIES Executive Board may decline to make an award.

Important Dates

July 31 of each year
nomination closes for the award of the following year

November 1 of each year
selection of awardee shortlist is forwarded to the SPECIES Executive Board

November 15 of each year
selection is decided by Board and publicly announced

March – April of the following year
JFM award is delivered to selected individual

Submission Form

To nominate a candidate please fill out this form.

Julian Francis Miller Award