SPECIES offers up to three scholarships in its areas of interest, for current research students and recent PhD graduates (up to 24 months prior to the application deadline) to work with relevant research groups. Research students include PhD students as well as students on research-oriented master programmes (e.g., MPhil, MRes, MSc with a significant research component). Candidates from any country are eligible to apply.

The scholarships will involve an in-person internship of three months in one of the candidate host institutions, working under the supervision of an advisor. It does not cover working remotely, nor periods of absence due to holidays, travel to conferences or other events, or illness if it implies leaving the host country

The list of host institutions available in 2022 can be found here.

The selected candidates will receive an allowance of 900 euros per month to cover accommodation and living expenses as well as any other additional cost related to the scholarship. The allowance will be paid upon presentation, and acceptance, of a monthly progress report.

The host institution will cover any registration or matriculation expenses (“bench fees”) that are necessary; they may also provide funds to cover up to three additional months, and any other advantage they wish to offer (e.g. travel funds).

At the end of the internship, at least one paper must be submitted to one of the EvoStar conferences with the results of the work carried out; if accepted, the conference registration fee for the scholarship recipient will be waived.

Applicants will be selected based on merit by a committee designated by the SPECIES Executive Board.

Candidates and host institutions will be matched following preferences indicated by both sides (at most one awardee per host institution).

The start of the internship must be agreed upon between the student and the host institution and should be in any case no later than 30 June 2023 (unless agreed otherwise).

How to apply

Prospective advisors/host institutions must provide:

  1. short CV of the advisor(s) (max 1 page)
  2. description of the research group (max 1 page)
  3. description of the work to be carried out by the student (max 1 page)
  4. other relevant information (e.g. additional funding, accommodation arrangements, location information) (max 1 page)

Applications must be sent to students@species-society.org specifying HOST in the subject of your email

Deadline for host applications: 25 April 2022

Candidate applicants must provide:

  1. a short CV (max 1 page)
  2. a description of their research interests and their current work (max 1 page)
  3. up to 3 ranked host/project preferences including a brief statement explaining their choices; choices must be specific about the project if a host offers more than one option; the host institution must be in a country different from the current residence/affiliation of the candidate (max 1 page)
    More information: Scholarship Hosts 2022
  4. proof of matriculation at a university/research institution OR proof of having submitted a PhD thesis in the 24 months prior to the deadline
  5. a reference letter from their supervisor
    (This can either be submitted by the candidate together with the rest of the application or directly by the supervisor to the below email address. Please indicate the latter in your application.)

Applications must be sent to students@species-society.org specifying CANDIDATE in the subject of your email

Candidate applications open: 3 May 2022
Deadline for candidate applications: 13 June 2022

SPECIES Scholarships Chair: Christine Zarges, Aberystwyth University, Wales, UK

Contact: students@species-society.org

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